What to watch on Netflix?

Everyone who has Netflix (or some other source of shows), has probably found themselves scrolling around aimlessly because there are so many options and you can't binge through everything at once. But to make your lives a bit easier, I'll introduce you all to my fave shows on Netflix.  Atypical Sam is 18. He has [...]


16 times around the sun…

...aka I got older today! The morning started with me being a big hurrying mess, but the congratulations that started coming in very early, really made me happy ♥ But I couldn't have held back the smile Aleksandra gave me with the force of the whole world when I saw her coming to my place [...]


And just like that, another christmas has gone by! Almost every part of it was amazing which, tbh was good and much needed. On 20th, my school's chrismas party took place and it could at last mean that the magicsal time of christmas had begun. Two days before Christmas, me and my dad finally brought [...]