My kind of people

Eesti keeles loe SIIT!

It’s probably not a secret that friends have crucial parts in our lives. For me, friends are like a family, that I chose myself. I don’t really have many true friends, but I really love the ones I have. I do my best to make sure that they know how much I appreciate them but I also want the whole world to know how dear these two girl are to me.


This is Kaisa. She has been one of my favorite persons for at least 3 or 4 years. We were great friends before, but at one point we turned out to be best friends. Of course, as all friends, we’ve gone through better and worse times and what shows that this friendship is meant to be, is the fact that we’ve gone through them hand in hand and stayed together. What makes Kaisa this special someone for me? She’s spontaneous and makes me a part of her ideas. The situation of her grabbing my hand and telling that we’re off to an adventure, is not very rare. The destination may be whatever – we’ll be happy. We insult each other all the time but end up laughing in tears. We dance like nobody is watching – doesn’t really matter if it’s waltz or rock’n’roll. We’ll enjoy it. We sit together in numerous lessons. We’ve been kicked out and moved apart but the faith just leads us back together. Oh yes! Together we saved a bunch of baby birds and spent a whole math lesson to get them to eat. The list of things that make me love her, would go on for days.

Dear Kaisa!

I know you don’t always understand my insta comments. And I know that leaving such long comments is quite insane. But you also know that I do this because you mean the world to me and I would never swap the memories I’ve made with you to anything else.

You are the sweetest tiger of mine ♥


This is Aleksandra. Doesn’t matter in which phase of friendships I’m currently in, she has been with me since the beginning of times. Literally! I’ve known her since I was born and the life hasn’t shaken us apart. No one could make chemistry and geography lessons more enjoyable than this girl here. No one else would smack me with a pencil case and later on apologize by calling me a toe. Only a few of the chosen ones would be saved by this. All of those small things altoghether make a big thing – a life-long friendship. I could easily go to her place and just lay on his bed and talk about nothing for hours. It must be the greatest blessing of my life to have my best friend to live across the street from my home. By the way, Aleksandra was the girl that made me – the biggest hater of Russian music really like it (wow, I know like 6 songs). We go to school together and for us, it can take over half an hour to take this nearly 2 km walk there

Dear Aleksandra!

Thank you for being the friend, who I can tell literally anything without you judging me. Just know, that if you need a nighttime photoshoot on the pier, my door is open!

Love you loads!

Putting my friendship with these two is actually quite difficult. They are like sisters for me. We might no see each other for months, but every reunion is a proof for a well-known fact that these two women have made two holes into my stone heart and only they can fill them up. Just take a look at the picture down below. In the middle on we all have the same pose. It was not planned out, we all just appeared to have the same thought.

Sisters from another misters

I feel so blessed to have these two girls in my life!

Thank you for always being there for me, because I’ll always be there for you. Just know, that you won’t be able to get rid of me so easily – classmates for only another year, sisters for life ♥

Share your thoughts: who is/are your best friend(s)? What makes them special for you?

See ya!


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